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BOMIDI WV102 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner RGB Intelligent Light Effect - Red

Prix d'origine Dhs. 369.00 - Prix d'origine Dhs. 369.00
Prix d'origine
Dhs. 369.00
Dhs. 369.00 - Dhs. 369.00
Prix actuel Dhs. 369.00

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✅RGD Intelligent light effect linkage, light moves with dust, and absorbs stubborn dust in home.
✅Use high efficiency cyclone seperation/HEPA filter/high-effecieny filter sponge to ensure that the discharged air is clean and polluyion-free.
✅Quick charging in one second, no need to plug and unplug the power cord repeatedly and 45 minutes of super battery life.
✅The noise is as low as <74 dB, cleaning effeciently without disturbing family members and pets.
✅Multiple professional brush heads and multiple cleaning modes.