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Deerma DEM-MQ813W Hair Ball Trimmer, Rechargeable Lint Remover With Long Lasting Battery Life, 7000 RPM Motor and Unique Rotary Blade Frame - White

par Deerma
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Prix d'origine
Dhs. 60.00
Dhs. 60.00 - Dhs. 60.00
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✅Powerful 7000 RPM motor for quick and easy removal of hair balls and lint: The DEERM MQ813W Hair Ball Trimmer is equipped with a powerful 7000 RPM motor that can quickly and easily remove even the toughest hair balls and lint from clothing, furniture, and other surfaces. This makes it a great choice for pet owners and anyone else who has to deal with a lot of hair and lint.
✅Large, stainless steel cutting head for efficient cleaning: The MQ813W has a large, stainless steel cutting head that can quickly and efficiently cover a large area, making it easy to clean large pieces of furniture and clothing. The stainless steel construction also makes the cutting head durable and easy to clean.
✅Convinient to Use: It is extremely easy to use so that you can effectively perform your daily lint removal in order to keep your clothes shining and tidy for longer periods of time. Simply flatten the clothes and cut the lint before rolling the machine back and forth to stick the lint.
✅Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: It has a compact and lightweight design that allows you to easily and effectively carry out all lint removal applications. Designed with creativity while keeping in mind the best ergonomics for performing daily tasks with a comfortable grip
✅Long Battery Quick Charging (2 hrs): The product has the top-of-the-line lithium polymer battery available in its class, which is perfect for storing and supplying power for carrying out effective lint removal. The battery has its own protective plate, making it more durable and fast charging for up to 2 hours which does not keep you waiting from operating quickly and smoothly.