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Xiaomi 50W Wireless Wireless Car Charger With Smart Clamping Arms, Super Fast Flash Charging, Single-Handed Operation,Smart Thermal Dissipation - Black

Prix d'origine Dhs. 275.00 - Prix d'origine Dhs. 275.00
Prix d'origine
Dhs. 275.00
Dhs. 275.00 - Dhs. 275.00
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✅High-power wireless charging: Up to 50W of wireless charging power, which can significantly fast-charge compatible smartphones.
✅Automatic phone detection and clamping: Built-in microwave radar sensor automatically detects your phone and triggers the clamps to hold it securely.
✅Single-handed operation: Easy to use with one hand, as the clamps automatically adjust to grip your phone upon detection.
✅Power-off release: Conveniently release your phone even when your car is turned off (with one release).
✅Smart thermal dissipation: Built-in cooling fan helps prevent your phone from overheating while charging.