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Xiaomi Multi-function Camping Lantern With Seperable Dual Light, NiteCore Extreme Light Adjustment, Bluetooth Smart Control & Type-C Charging - White

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Dhs. 173.00
Dhs. 173.00 - Dhs. 173.00
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✅Separable dual-light design with a primary and secondary light. Rotate the hook to take out the compact secondary light, allowing for new ways to light up your space.
✅Smart and changeable colourful lighting. Rich colors with soothing changes, the lantern casting a candle-like glow for beautiful nights in a tent, and gentle light colors that add warmth to the atmosphere.
✅Adjustable brightness and colour temperature for customizable lighting. Freely create a beautiful atmosphere with comfortable and soft light.
✅Bluetooth smart control to freely interact with the lantern. Directly connect to Mi Home app/Xiaomi Home app to customize scenarios and change colours at will.
✅Safety at night. Compact secondary light with multiple functions. Remove the secondary light and turn it into a flashlight or a camping lantern. Bring the safety of light with you, wherever you go.