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BOMIDI Smart Humidity Machine UH02 With 1L Water Tank Capacity,Low Noise, 4 Modes, 7- Color LED Light,Timer Settings & Water Shortage Reminder - White

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✅Ultrasonic technology for silent operation: This humidifier uses ultrasonic waves to convert water into a fine mist, which is then released into the air. This process is very quiet, making it ideal for use in bedrooms and other noise-sensitive areas.
✅Three mist settings to adjust humidity level: You can choose from low, medium, or high mist settings to adjust the amount of moisture that is added to the air. This is useful for controlling the humidity level in your room and creating a comfortable environment.
✅Large 1L water tank for up to 20 hours runtime: The humidifier has a large water tank that can hold up to 1 liters of water. This means that you can run the humidifier for up to 20 hours on the lowest mist setting without having to refill it.
✅Built-in timer for customizable use: The humidifier has a built-in timer that you can use to set it to run for a certain amount of time. This is useful if you want to run the humidifier for a specific period, such as while you are sleeping.
✅Easy to clean: The humidifier is easy to clean and maintain. The water tank is removable, so you can easily clean it with soap and water. The mist nozzle is also easy to clean, so you can prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.