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Deerma F500 Ultrasonic Humidifier 5L - White

by Deerma
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✅ Perfect for Large Space - It features a quite luxurious and sophisticated design combined with an elegant white tone as the mainstay, easily arranged for any space ranging from office to home; from the bedroom, the living room to the office.

✅ Arc-Shaped Nebulizer - The arc-shaped nebulizer not only offers a softer beauty but also helps the moisture be transferred to the outside more easily and smoothly, for a more comprehensive humidifying experience.

✅ Advanced Touch Panel - Highly sensitive touch panel and extremely intuitive design provides a fast response ie. in just 0.01 seconds with just one-touch easy control for the user. In particular, the handle design hidden under the lid makes it convenient for users to grasp and lift easily with one hand.

✅ Large Capacity, High Fogging Flow - The Deerma F500 humidifier is equipped with a large capacity tank of 5L for long-lasting mist spraying without the need for frequent water replenishment. The device’s 5L water tank helps to create a fairly thick mist for long-term humidification.

✅ Accurate Heat Sensor - The thermal sensor integrated inside the humidifier helps to accurately detect the temperature of the indoor environment, then this parameter will be displayed on the smart screen for users to conveniently monitor the temperature deviation in real-time.