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Deerma VC25 Plus 2 in 1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 150W - White

by Deerma
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Inspired by the principle of lever balance, the position of the motor and battery was redesigned. The host machine is dexterous H shape. The center of gravity of the entire machine moves. It's easy to push and pull, the whole house is very deep Dust removal. -The handle between the motor and the battery is designed with an inclination angle of 60°, which can reduce the weight of the case. Hand wash when vacuuming to reduce labor intensity. This is the correct open position for labor-saving cleaning.

Without power cord, it can be used immediately after charging. You can suck it away from the entire room without limit. The bedroom, living room, study, etc. can all move around smoothly, so that the house is always bright, tidy, convenient and comfortable Convenient, no more waste and waste.

The power motor is upgraded with a double blade structure, and the vacuum degree is increased by 66% under the same power* With a suction power of 10kPa, thunder and lightning can absorb large and small dust and garbage, and create a bright and tidy home.

The floor brush has a built-in motor, which can rotate 2500 times per minute*. With the help of spiral scrapers and bristles, Floor crevices and dust on the carpet are no longer clean blind spots. -The floor brush is designed with an elbow-shaped ball, which can quickly rotate 90° vertically and 180° horizontally.

Equipped with a small triangular brush and 2 in 1 slit nozzle, can be used to clean the corners of the house, can also be used It became a car vacuum cleaner.