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Hophysio DH124B Multi-Functional Massager - White

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Dynamic traction tensile curvature regression - According to the principle of ergonomics, a regular reciprocating cycle is used to elect, Through traction in three directions, the cervical spine gap naturally stretches, Double airbags press into the pre-muscle to achieve shaping and decompression of the cervical spine, Gradually return to the natural physiological curve of the frontal vertebrae

TENS electric pulse deep neck protector - Equipped with low-frequency TENS percutaneous nerve electrical stimulation technology, Safe and comfortable deep into the base nerves of the pre-vertebral muscles, pulse massage imitating acupuncture and moxibustion techniques, Provide five kinds of gear strength to deal with muscle stiffness and pain caused by pre-vertebral compression

Photochemical conservation by red photon irradiation - Upgraded red light photon irradiation function, 12 red lights act at the same time, Red photons penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue of the forehead, producing stimulated coherent resonance

Gentle and warm moxibustion, hot compress, warm through the shoulders - For frontal vertebral discomfort such as muscle stiffness, susceptibility to congestion, and pillow, through softness, The constant temperature environment of harmony continuously warms the cervical spine with moxibustion and hot compresses, and the warmth reaches the bottom of the muscle

External pulse massage is available for the whole body - Extended pulse massage function, with the included A is electrode patch, Apply to sore and uncomfortable areas of the whole body, and output low-frequency TENS percutaneous nerve electrical pulses.