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Lydsto Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine Anti Moist Bag Sealer, Food Preserving Machine With Vacuum Hose 5pcs Sealing Bags & 60kpa Suction Force - White

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✅ 60KPa vacuum large suction vacuum preservation "pump" out, Powerful suction and increased vacuum force can quickly remove the air in the packaging bag and seal the food easily.
✅ UV lamp sterilizes and preserves the original taste of food, The vacuum creates a sealed environment, and the ultraviolet UV light of a specific wavelength can destroy the molecular structure of bacteria and achieve rapid sterilization! Bacteria have nowhere to escape, eat healthy, and effectively protect the fresh taste and nutrition of food.
✅ 30cm lengthened seal improves sealing efficiency, Compatible with vacuum bags of different specifications, it can pack multiple packages of ingredients at one time, saving time.
✅ 12V safe low voltage to avoid electric shock, It is lower than the safe voltage of the human body, energy-saving and low-consumption, and can eliminate the hidden danger of electric shock from the source, and it is safer to use
✅ It also has the function of external extraction to deal with multiple types of containers, The exhaust pipe can be connected externally, which is suitable for various vacuum tanks, red wine tanks, clothes storage, etc.