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Philips PPM3104N Wireless Neck & Shoulder Massager - Blue

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✅Imitate manual pressing massage to quickly relax the neck: Equipped with 4 high-fitting kneading massage nodes, it fully covers the levator scapula and trapezius muscles without missing any fatigued area. Simulating real fingers to physically rotate and knead, and adjust the intensity in 2 strength levels, which can easily cope with the fatigue and soreness of the neck muscles.

✅42℃ hot compress, promote blood circulation &relieve fatigue: A constant temperature hot compress at 42C can effectively promote blood circulation, relax rigid muscles, and let the warmth reach the texture, for further enhancing the therapeutic effect of massage.

✅Fits the neck curve and provides good neck support: Designed according to ergonomics, it adapts to the natural shape of the neck, fits the neck curve, prevents crooked neck, and effectively reduces the compression of the cervical spine to protect the health of the neck.

✅Soft and comfortable, strong support: The main body uses slow rebound memory foam, which has a soft touch and can provide good support, assist the vertical cervical spine and avoid bad habits such as tilting the head. It helps users release stress and relax their minds and bodies.

✅Easy to operate Built-in voice prompt module, which makes it easy to operate the massager for users.