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QCY Smart Sports Watch GS2 With 1.96 AMOLED Screen Display, 100 Plus Watch Faces, Call and Playback Via Bluetooth, Health and Sports Tracking - Black

by QCY
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✅Design and Display Quality: The GS2 doesn’t shy away from making a statement with its 1.96-inch AMOLED curved display, which contours elegantly to the wearer’s wrist, featuring a high-resolution screen and a robust build.
✅Health Monitoring Capabilities: The GS2 is not merely a time-keeping gadget; it’s a wellness companion. It monitors heart rate continuously, alerting users to potential health issues with automatic notifications for irregular readings. Sleep tracking is advanced, with the ability to accurately log sleep cycles, which is crucial for understanding and improving sleep quality.
✅Battery Endurance and Efficiency: In the realm of smartwatches, battery life is king. The QCY Watch GS2’s 260mAh battery is engineered for endurance, boasting over 10 days of service in basic mode and 4 days under the strains of daily mode. This stamina ensures that users remain unplugged and on the go, with all features active.
✅Sport and Activity Tracking: Whether you are sprinting on the track, cycling through hills, or diving into pools, the GS2’s extensive list of over 100 sports modes ensures that every move counts.
✅Smartphone Integration and Connectivity: The watch’s compatibility with Android 8.0+ and iOS 13.0+ devices via the QCY APP ensures that most smartphone users can pair it with their devices. Notifications, call alerts, and app functionalities are smoothly integrated, providing a seamless bridge between the watch and the phone.